Since 1991, Kosmos Business Systems Ltd has specialized in the provision of a variety of services including:

  • Management consulting: Using our global perspective and experience, wWe help companies improve performance and exploit opportunities.
  • Project management: The quintessence of project management, involves far more than simple adherence to the well-known project constraints of cost, time, scope and quality.
  • Business automation consulting: With our hands-on experience with technology and automation, we help businesses achieve their business goals.
  • Business development: We evaluate the current state of a business and create the business plan that will help achieve the business goals. 
  • Software development: We develop the functional and technical specifications and follow the software development from start to finish.
  • Project management seminars: We specialize in the provision of project management seminars and for the adoption of best practices for the successful management of a project.    
  • Technical analysis seminars: Our instructors have trained over 1000 traders belonging to big financial institutions around the world.

Work was performed for a variety of organizations, start-up to multinational, in many countries around the world including the USA, the UK, Japan, France, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan.

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