Custom-made seminars

 The focus is on practical seminars, where theory is associated with real life problems inside organizations. The emphasis is mainly on the following four areas. For more information on custom-made seminars please contact us:

Project Management

The custom-made seminars present a comprehensive, user-friendly, easy-to-use and practical approach to project management. A tested project management environment is described together with the necessary management procedures, used for the transfer of the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the most efficient manner. All necessary paperwork is available in electronic format.

Project intangible issues are also addressed. These are usually relegated in importance and in some cases ignored. Communication inside the project and cross-cultural differences are addressed and their importance is noted. Knowledge of basic legal and accounting issues is highlighted to create the global knowledge base necessary to successfully manage the project.

Technical Analysis for Stockmarkets

Our instructors have provided trading seminars in Technical Analysis to over 1000  experienced traders, of big financial institutions in several countries around the world.

The seminars present a complete background in technical analysis and focus heavily on practical real-time trading, using the Delphinios trading system, which is applicable to all markets and all timeframes.

Our main seminars include:

Technical Trader Complete (10 days - 60 hours)
Technical Trader Advanced (10 days - 60 hours)
• Private - one-on-one (6 days - 45 hours)

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