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For instructional purposes the book is available in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation format for qualified instructors For further information and terms of use please contact  the author at:


Project Management, Survival Of The Fittest (ISBN 978-9963-8158-1-4)

Project Management, Survival Of The Fittest is a 2007 publication dealing with project management. It is a comprehensive, all-encompassing, hands-on,
user-friendly, practical guide for the creation of the successful project management environment. It is a complete reference and addresses both tangible
and intangible topics that relate to project management.

 It  describes a complete project management environment that can successfully run a project. Specifically it includes:  

              • A PROject MOdel (PROMO) to create a successful project management environment.
              • All project management forms needed to run a successful project.
              • Outsourcing information and how outsourcing is nothing more than "project management in disguise."  
              • The various entities found inside every project and the dynamics that controls the entities.
              • Legal issues
              • Accounting issues.
              • Social capital issues.
              • Quality issues.


 Easy Guide to Microsoft Access for Windows (ISBN 978-9963-8158-0-4)
(Out of print) 


  • A step-by-step tutorial approach, to learning how to use Microsoft Access.
  • It contains over 600 pictures, assisting visual instruction.
  • It is ideal for the beginner user, explaining any new term introduced.
  • The book deals with single real-life example, through which the various features of Microsoft Access are brought out. 

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